Artist Statement.

Art is a strange business. These days almost anything can be defined as art. The term art does not allow for gradations of art and/or artist. Some art is simply a snap shot of something else or common objects rearranged to make a statement. Other art stands alone without reference.

My work is art that can stand alone. It does not need a title. It needs no introduction. It is its own object. It has not been found. It is not a realistic or abstract representation or reference to anything else. This is the art I make.

My sculptures are their own objects. Many people use them to mirror how they see the world. They try to find a connection from my sculptural object to the world they know. Some will say “It looks like two giant fangs.” A different person will view the same piece and claim “They are like two blades of grass.” People will always take what they want from art. It is why we love art. To me, however, my sculpture is not supposed to be something else. It is its own object… standing alone.

Adam L. Wiedmann